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Government in solidarity with protests by migrant citizens against delays in residence permits

The Office of the Minister of the Presidency considers that "the degradation of the migratory situation has been worsening over the last few months".

The Government stated, this Thursday, that it was following the protest by citizens of Bangladesh, Pakistan and India at the door of the Agency for Migration and Asylum Interaction , in Lisbon, to complain about delays in the attribution of residence authorization cards.

Immigrants demonstrate in front of the headquarters of the Agency for Integration, Migration and Asylum

More than two hundred immigrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the Agency for Integration, Migration and Asylum, in Lisbon. At issue are delays in renewing or issuing the first residence card. The waiting time can be over a year.

The concentration began at around 10:30 am and a representative of these citizens explained to journalists that the discontent has mainly to do with the waiting time, which in some cases exceeds nine months.

Thousands of immigrants in Portugal gain the right to citizenship from today

The amendment to article 15 of the Nationality Law approved in Parliament and published in the Official Gazette last month is valid from today. In this way, thousands of immigrants are now able to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

With this change, the so-called “years lost” by immigrants are now counted.

Immigrants protest at AIMA in Lisbon due to delays in their residence card

Immigrants demonstrated this Monday

“We have been waiting for 8 and 6 months. We don’t want to wait any longer”, tells the participants while talking to media in front of the Agency for Integration, Migrations and Asylum (AIMA) in Sao Sebastiao Lisbon.

At issue are the long waiting times to obtain residence cards, without which these immigrants cannot return to their home country.

Citizen Card will be able to serve as a transport ticket. Simplex has 18 new measures

The main novelty of the new generation of the Citizen Card is contactless technology. In the future, it will be possible to use it as a transport ticket or ticket for a show.

Anew service model based on the integrated service of the various Public Administration entities, the Cidadão brand and the new Cidadão Card will be presented this Friday

Legislative Elections 2024, results show gauranteed instability

Less than one percent of the votes separate the Democratic Alliance from the Socialist Party, at a time when the results in constituencies inside and outside Europe still need to be determined. After an extremely close election night, uncertainty still hangs in the air. If, on the one hand, the PS has already recognized defeat and assumed itself as a force for the opposition, on the other, the left remains hopeful for a government solution.

Bar Assocation signs a cooperation protocol with the AIMA to speed up services

The Bar Association has signed a Protocol with the Agency for Integration, Migrations and Asylum, IP, with a view to making available the provision of services of a legal nature for the instruction of processes for granting extensions of stay, residence permits, renewals of residence permits, removal permits, as well as the granting and renewal of residence permits for investment activities (ARI), provided for in Law No.